Welcome Arrival Information

Just like people, every home has its little personality quirks and unique temperaments. I have tried to write up a list of things that one might not know intuitively about the property in hopes that it will make your stay even more enjoyable. Please feel free to call my cell phone with any specific questions; Roger Lindgren @ 330-719-9007.

Emergency Contacts are posted in the kitchen by the phone.

The  Phone number is 715-742-3510.  Please use a calling card for any long-distance calls.

The wireless router name is lindgrencabin.  The password will be listed on the router (top of desk in master bedroom)

Kitchen - fully equipped.

There is an electric griddle, waffle iron, and mixer in the pantry.

The coffee maker, toaster oven and microwave are on the counter

A fire extinguisher is in the pantry.

The kitchen exhaust fan is activated by a touch button behind the microwave.  It’s on a timer and will need to be restarted occasionally.

The dishwasher is a low volume energy saver model. The soap for the dishwasher is under the sink in the kitchen. Set it to “on” and “regular wash” It should start right away.

Please use the dish pan in the sink when doing dishes so that the sink doesn’t get scratched. Please wash pots and pans by hand, not in the dishwasher.


The master suite with private bath has a king-size bed and a couch. There is a dresser and Armoire. The closet has ample hanging space, and some shelves for your use.

The guest room has a queen-size bed. The closet has hanging space, and some shelves for your use.

The loft has 4 single beds. The loft is not suitable for Infants or Toddlers.

There are extra linens in containers under the beds in the loft and in the master closet. There is also a pack-n-play with a sheet but no baby blankets.


In the unlikely event that you need building maintenance call Roger Lindgren at 330-719-9007 or Nancy Lindgren 612-210-1274


Generally, guests are expected to do their own light housekeeping.

Additional towels are in the back hall.


Please put all garbage and food waste in the kitchen bags provided.

We will appreciate if you put cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, and paper in the recycles bin in the garage.  There is a recycle bin in the back hall for daily collection of recyclables.  Place the full trash bags and recyclables in the garbage/recycle cans in the garage to avoid attracting and keeping it away from the bears.

Water use:

This property is serviced by waste water holding tanks. Please be conservative in your use of water to extend the time between pump-outs. To aid in this there is an “outdoor shower just behind the garage.   It is serviced by a water heater in the garage. The shower enclosure provides plenty of privacy and at the same time a clear view of the sky. You’ll enjoy it!

Holding Tank Alarm.

If the tank alarm red light is on,(located in back hall) call Lakeshore Sanitary at 715-774-3269 and leave a message to pump 88440 Roman Point Road. You will have plenty of capacity to continue normal use.  There is an additional tank and alarm for the toilet and wash tub in the garage.  The alarm is by the water heater.


The cabin is heated by in-floor radiant heat. This heat does not respond quickly so is most suitable when outside temperatures will be in the 50’s or less.  There are 3 thermostats for the heating system. One in the kitchen, and one in each bedroom. It’s a good idea to keep the main ceiling fan on low to keep the air moving and heat distributed.

For mild days with cool mornings you can use the heating feature on the heat pump.  The directions and controls are on the desk in the loft.

The heat pump will also provide air conditioning for occasional hot nights/ days.  Please use with discretion and keep windows closed when A/C is in operation.   The unit will cool the entire cabin to a comfortable level.  Leave bedroom doors open to circulate the air. Please shut off when not in use.

Wood Stove

There is a wood stove for use during cold weather.  Do not use until you’ve received instructions from Roger Lindgren. The wood stove really heats up the cabin so only use during cold weather.


Pets are welcome.  Keep them off the beds.  Use pet blankets provided.

Camp Fires

One of our biggest fears on the point is fire. We have a wonderful volunteer fire department in Cornucopia, but it wouldn’t be hard for a fire to do a lot of destruction in our area in a short period. It is a good idea to have a bucket of water close by if you intend on using the fire pit. Buckets are in the garage. Or you can pull the hose toward the fire pit so it’s readily available.

Outdoor general information

There is a gas grill on the patio.   A spare propane bottle is stored in the garage.

Croquet, Horse Shoes, Bocce Ball equipment are available in the wood shed.

Camping trailer hook-up

You can park an RV or trailer by the garage.  It can dump waste water into the garage holding tank. Freshwater is available on back side of garage and 120V power and a 120V 30 AMP RV outlet are on the side near the holding tank. Please advise in advance if you need this power turned on.

TV and DVD player

The TV picks-up a few broadcast channels. There is no cable TV.   The DVD player does function.   DVD’s are available in Cornucopia at Ehlers and the convenience store.  You can stream movies … with the Roku player.


There are a few black bears around.  They are normally shy and avoid human contact.  BUT Do not leave food or garbage out in the open – particularly overnight.  There are also Coyotes, Fox, and Wolves so keep an eye on your small pets.

Lawn Care

The lawn will be cut approx. every 5 days in spring/summer –times will be coordinated w/ renter to minimize disturbance.